Setting Up An FAQ Page In WordPress

A dedicated FAQ section is important when you plan to launch a new product/service on a website. This might seem to be as easy as adding a new page with all requisite questions and answers. However, FAQs tend to grows as product or service you offer evolves. It will also grow with an increase in your customer base. This is where a proper technique comes into play for managing FAQs in WordPress website.

Here’s how to add a FAQs (frequently asked questions) section in WordPress:

The Standard Method

This is a basic method where you would be creating a post/page in WordPress. Thereafter, you will list FAQs there. The method is ideal for you if just a handful of items need to be included. For an elaborate function, keep reading.

The Advanced Method

You can create a detailed FAQs section in WordPress. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Install ‘Quick and Easy FAQs’ plugin and activate it.
Step 2: Upon successful installation, this plugin will add FAQs section in the menu of WordPress admin.
Step 3: Visit FAQs » Add New. This will add the first frequently asked question in your page. You will also notice that the FAQ Editor appears similar to ‘post editor’.
Step 4: The step involves addition of a new FAQ. Add a question in the title field. Also use post edit space to answer the question.
Step5: You may use groups to categorize queries into various sections or topics. This can be done through the ‘FAQ Groups box’ accessible on the right hand column. You can compare these groups to ‘categories’ present in WordPress posts.
Step 6: Click on the button ‘publish’ button. Repeat the entire process for all other FAQs you wish to add.
Step 7: Once you have added some FAQs, display them on your WordPress site.
Step 8: Use shortcode in the new page titled ‘frequently asked questions’ for displaying FAQs. Alternatively, you can add it to a WordPress page or post. The FAQs plugin ‘Quick and Easy’ comes integrated with multiple display options.

How to Change FAQs Display

List Style Display of FAQs

It displays FAQs in plain list. This means your questions get listed on top. The users just need to click on a question to scroll on the page up and down to see the answer.

Toggle/Accordian Display of FAQs

With this option, you can display FAQs in the following styles:

– Accordian
– jQuery Toggle

Once a user clicks on a question, it will expand.

Change of FAQs Appearance

You can change the display in stylesheet of your theme by using CSS. Most freelance website designers recommend this. However, if you don’t know much about CSS, use a plugin ‘CSS Hero’. It will allow you to change style in WordPress theme. The plugin utilizes a built-in stylesheet for controlling overall FAQs appearance in toggle style. It will also ensure a user friendly interface for changing FAQs colors. All you need to do is go to Plugins » Quick and Easy FAQs. This step will help you change the default colors.

Change of FAQs Colors

Start by selecting custom colors for the option ‘FAQs toggle colors’. Now choose the desired colors for each item. Click on the button ‘save changes’. This will store your settings.

Change of Display Order

The most recent question is displayed by plugin on top by default. However, it is possible to change the display order of FAQ and then rearrange questions as desired. Start by installing and then activating plugin ‘Post Types Order’. Once it is activated, go to Settings » Post Types Order page.

Select show next to FAQ. Now select ‘administrator’ adjacent to the ‘Minimum Level to use this plugin’ option. Click on the button ‘save changes’. This will store your settings.

Visit FAQs » Re-Order page. The next step is to drag and drop ‘FAQ titles’. This action will rearrange these in the sequence you wish to display them.

Rearranging Display Order of FAQ

Click on the button ‘update’ to store settings. Now visit the FAQs page and see your FAQs in brand new order.

We hope this article helped you add a frequently asked questions (FAQs) section in WordPress. You may also want to see our tutorial on how to add rotating testimonials in WordPress.

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