Privacy Policy

TheBlogLand values the users and their personal details being entailed by the website. Whoever registers in our site, they get navigated to fill some required personal details. After filling it up, the privacy policy activates and all the users abide by each term and condition. Lay down your attention on what we actually do with information that our website gathers:

To customize the browsing experience of the audience, for better marketing strategies and promotional work, TheBlogLand collects the personal details, promising to never delegate it further to any third party. We don’t ask for your credentials ever and keep it safe with you only. Yes, we can track your IP address which you can change further by altering browser preferences. It’s just up to you to share the credentials (User ID & Password) with us or not. You need to maintain it properly as TheBlogLand will never be held accountable for any loss. We are not responsible for the privacy contents of external site links being developed on our site. The advertisements that appear on site may contain cookies.

You can contact us any time when you feel the need and get answers to all your queries.