Google Announces: Fully Automated Ads & Campaigns for Local, Shopping & More


Google has planned to take automation to a higher level by taking various initiatives. On Tuesday, in San Jose California, the Google executives announced during the live streaming about the latest initiative it has taken powered by machine learning.

These initiatives will cover most of the aspects of which were limited to some selected things earlier. Along with Dynamic search ads, and Universal App Campaigns, you will get now Responsive Search Ads and Local Campaigns too.

Here are the highlights of the latest Google announcement:

Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads feature is a boon to advertisers which increase the reach of customers to find the exact material they want to find. With it, ad testing gets automated and provides real estate to advertisers. Now the advertisers can add four descriptions of 15 headlines in maximum 90 characters, which were 80 earlier. Now in search results, three headlines will be showcased instead of just two. Hence, the results will be based on the most matched search query of the user.

Local Campaigns

To hike up foot traffic in local stores this Local Campaign initiative proves as wondrous. As, ‘Near me’ searches are getting increased tremendously now, so, this new campaign will help drastically to customers and store owners for increased traffic. The users who turn the location on, get easy results of local stores near them so that they can reach there without facing any difficulty. The idea behind this step is based on offline sales which are still 90 percent of total sales being held.

Shopify and Smart Shopping Campaign Goals

Till now the Smart Shopping Campaigns optimized the ad delivery across ad networks & Google’s properties for better revenue or ROAS (Return on ad spend) to the advertisers. But now onwards, besides this benefit, the advertisers will be able to select their goals as new customers and store visits. The delivery and bids get automatically adjusted based on the stated goal of advertisers. Also within Shopify, the users can now set up these Smart Shopping Campaigns easily as Google has started teaming up with various e-commerce platforms.

YouTube Brand Lift

For YouTube Campaigns, now the advertisers can easily Maximize Lift, and set Smart Bidding Strategy. This will help in optimizing quick delivery to those users who possibly start considering a brand after watching a video advertisement.

Other initiatives

Now hotel ads also get integrated to ads platform of Google.

Cross-device remarketing & reporting is possible now which will let the advertisers build & deploy the remarketing audience to get used in Google Ads.

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