9 Great Ways to Encourage Customer Reviews for Better Sales

Customer reviews are immensely important in the field of ecommerce for enhancing overall conversion rate. Experts believe that adding reviews can result in an uplift of around 18 per cent in sales.

According to a research, it has been revealed that around 61 per cent of customers read reviews online prior to purchasing a product. Also 63 per cent of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a website having user reviews.

However, many customers avoid leaving a feedback after purchasing a product. Pestering them for the same can be annoying. So it is better to find certain ways of encouraging customers to leave a feedback.

The following tips will help you motivate your customers to leave a feedback post purchase without bothering them much:

1. Make it Easier

Let this be an easy process for your clients. Keep it as simple as possible. Don’t make them fill out lengthy forms. Another way is to allow them to rate a product with stars. Although only star rating is not as valuable as a written review, the process gets easier and even encourages others to leave a few words.

2. Reward Them

This is a great way to encourage reviews from customers. Many websites offer points and incentives for reviews. This is actually different from paying for a review. Giving away rewards will attract authentic reviews from those who have already purchased and used the product.

3. Strategic Placement of Reviews

You must place reviews where people can see them. Consumers won’t leave or read comments unless they know where to do so. Reviews are important for reassuring customers and enhancing sales. Hence, make sure you place links to reviews and star ratings right above the fold at a place where it is hard to miss them.

4. A Follow-up Email

Always send a follow-up email. A classic example is that of Etsy. This website sends an email or a text message asking buyers to write a review. The site also reported to the WSJ about 25 per cent of purchases resulting in a feedback/review.

5. Publish Reviews – Good and Bad

Filtering bad or negative reviews might seem to be a great idea. However, people expect to see negative feedback. This makes reviews genuine. Publishing negative feedback will reassure buyers and build a confidence in them about their comment being published if they spare time and efforts to write a review.

6. Ask for Help

Adding a ‘Help’ with a ‘Query’ section in newsletters is a good way to get response from consumers. You can highlight these answers on Home Page of your store right next to the product.

7. Thank your Reviewer

Make it a habit to thank your reviewer. You should monitor reviews once a week. Save a day each week to thank everyone who reviews you.

8. Survey Them

Yes, you can do this without making things complicated. Keep around 3-5 queries. You may keep an option for stars as answers. Avoid blank text boxes. These are intimidating for visitors and you would never get responses.

9. Transform Each Feedback into a Review

A good product is most likely to attract positive feedback by telephone, email, social media etc. You can ask your clients politely if they can leave an official review. You may also give an option to use it as anonymous feedback for your website.

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